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March 11, 2018
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March 11, 2018

Ear Infection and Tumors Clinic

Ear infections:

Ear inflammation or ear infection (otitis) is a common ear disorder that can occur in the outer ear or middle ear. These infections can occur at any age along with other symptoms of cold during the childhood and infancy. If your child has a high fever and is restlessness with coughing and sore throat, you should visit an ENT specialist. In the absence of timely treatment, the accumulation of infection leads to rupture of eardrum and hearing loss. Ear infections in adults are accompanied by ear pain, ear discharge, ear itching, dizziness, hearing loss, and adhesions of the ear bones. In the absence of timely treatment, it sometimes causes meningitis and even cerebral abscesses and paralysis of the facial nerve and deafness. Paying attention to symptoms and careful examination can prevent these complications. In our clinic, the patient is first examined by a specialist and undergoes supplementary tests in the auditory center. The patient then undergoes surgery, if not treated with medication. Subspecialty ear surgeries are done in this center, and it is tried to correct hearing loss in addition to treating the infection.

Outer ear infection:

The outer ear infections are more common in swimmers and those who live in humid areas. Symptoms of this disease include ear pain or pain around the ear canal, fever or feeling unwell, and inflammation of the lymph nodes around the ear. In case of continued illness and lack of adequate treatment, it can sometimes be accompanied by closing of the external ear canal and hearing loss. If you have these symptoms, avoid twiddling with ears and consult a specialist. Paying attention to ear infections in diabetic and elderly people can prevent related complications through timely treatment. Therefore, periodic examination of the ear is recommended.

Ear tumors:

Malignant changes may occur in ears as in all organs of the body. Therefore, paying special attention to certain symptoms and timely treatment can prevent irreversible complications.

Outer ear tumors: These tumors are manifested occasionally in the form of bone spurs inside the ear canal, ulcers, continuous discharge, and hearing loss.

Middle ear tumors: The most important symptoms of these tumors are hearing loss, pulsatile tinnitus, and sometimes facial nerve paralysis. The most important tumor of middle ear is the Glomus tumor, which is a vascular one. If you encounter any of these symptoms, you can prevent future complications in the early stages by visiting an Ear Clinic for an exact examination and auditory tests. In this clinic, all surgical procedures for the complete removal of the tumor and auditory repair are done.

Inner ear tumors: The most common inner ear tumors includes schwannoma or acoustic neuroma that can cause sensorineural hearing loss, tinnitus, and facial nerve paralysis through damaging the auditory and cochlear nerves. Since these masses, in spite of being benign, are closely related to the brain and large vessels, they should be treated by experienced medical teams in the equipped medical centers.

In this clinic, all tumor initial resection surgeries and secondary operations (in case of recurrence) are performed professionally by a team composed of an otolaryngologist and a neurosurgeon who monitors the nerves during surgery.