Professor Masoud Motassaddi Zarandi

He completed his medical education in Iran, Germany, and Canada, and received his degree in ear and skull base surgery subspecialty from Canada.

At present, he is the head of ENT department of Amir Aalm Hospital and the head of Otology, Neuro-otology Department in the Tehran University of Medical Sciences and a Board member of the Specialty Board Examiners of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

He has published over 85 articles in prestigious journals in the field of ear diseases and surgery, and has published several books, including the “The diseases of the inner ear” by Springer International Publishing House in Germany.

He has performed a number of ear surgeries for the first time in the Middle East, including implantable hearing aids surgery.
He is now mainly involved in surgeries of cochlear implant, implantable hearing aids, skull base tumors, and infectious diseases of the ear and the skull.

He has held numerous educational ear surgery workshops in Canada, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.