Clinic for hearing loss and restoration

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March 11, 2018
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March 11, 2018

Clinic for hearing loss and restoration

Hearing loss and restoration:

Hearing is one of the most important senses and its defect can cause speech impairment. Therefore, paying attention to hearing from birth to adulthood can play a significant role in the quality of life. Fortunately, hearing tests are performed on the first day of birth on newborns, but the parents must pay special attention to their baby before the age of six months. In case the baby does not pay attention to voices or he has speech impairment, he must be taken to a clinic for doing further tests. All hearing tests are performed from birth at the auditory center of our clinic. At childhood and adolescence, the child is prone to hearing loss and the accumulation of fluid behind the eardrum. If your child raises the TV sound or have speech impairment or problems in pronouncing some words, and in case of weak achievements in the school, he or she should be taken to the clinic for doing further tests in order to prevent possible complications.

Hearing loss is one of the problems of the elderly. Fortunately, today, with doing hearing restoration surgeries and the use of ultra-strong hearing aids and cochlear implant, peace can be restored to the families. If you do not want to use a hearing aid or if you have suddenly lost hearing of one ear, you can treat this problem with new surgical procedures such as implantable prostheses.

New techniques for ear infections surgeries based on tuboplasty:

One of the most important reasons for hearing loss in children and adults is the disruption of eustachian tube function and the accumulation of fluid behind eardrum and hearing loss. These patients suffer from frequent ear fullness, a feeling of pressure in the ear and pain. This condition is worsened with air travel and altitude change. Lack of timely treatment may result in the adhesion of ossicles with eardrum. In this situation, the patient should undergo a wider operation.

At the moment, tuboplasty, through which the eustachian tube is opened with a balloon and was first performed in Iran in 2015 by the team of this clinic, can be helpful to improve the performance of Eustachian tube and treat the aforementioned diseases more effectively and prevent its complications.

The causes of hearing loss are very diverse. It is obvious that all pathologies that affect the outer, inner, and middle ear can cause hearing loss. An explanation of all these factors is beyond the reach of this section. In this ear subspecialty clinic, after taking the history of patients and doing clinical examinations, as well as conducting tests and identifying the cause of hearing loss such as otosclerosis, chronic ear infections, and congenital diseases and tumors, the diseases are treated with modern surgical techniques. Almost all types of hearing loss are also treated using the hearing prostheses.

We are proud to announce that with the use of advanced hearing technology and modern surgical procedures, there are no untreatable hearing losses in our country.